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One Magical Sunday
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One Magical Sunday

Phil Mickelson with Donald T. Phillips
Narrated By : Phil Mickelson and Various Readers
Published By : Hachette Audio
6 hours
Categories : Sports
Download Price : $29.98 $20.99

It is a moment ingrained in the hearts and minds of millions, a moment of epic triumph and destiny fulfilled that will be remembered for the ages. But for Phil Mickelson, winning the 2004 Masters was merely another step in an odyssey that began many years ago. Born into a sporting family, with a putter drawn on his birth announcement, Phil knew early on that golf would always be his passion. His parents embraced and nurtured that dream, but they taught him that winning isn't everything.

As we travel hole-by-hole through that triumphant Sunday at the Masters, Phil looks back at the influences that made him the man he is today: his mom and dad, who mentored him on the balance between family and golf; his wife, Amy, who has given him so much happiness and fulfillment; and their three children, who remain their top priority.

With personal insights from Phil's family, "One Magical Sunday" is an audiobook not only for Phil's millions of fans, but for everyone who finds inspiration in hearing about a champion on and off the course.

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