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Life Story of Milarepa
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Life Story of Milarepa

Ken Albertsen
Narrated By : Brahmburgers
Published By : Adventure 1 Publishing
3 hours 50 minutes
Categories : Biography
Download Price : $25.00

Milarepa was a Tibetan Buddhist renunciate who roamed the northern slopes of the Himalayas 900 years ago. The easy-going narrative is like a talking meditation, and takes the listener through the stages of his fascinating life, such as: the suffering of his childhood and the extreme challenges of his young adult years.

Throughout Tibet, Milarepa is renown for his severe ascetic discipline of walling himself in to secluded caves for years on end - in persuit of spiritual enlightenment. His is a richly woven and inspiring story which includes some biographical sketches of his three predecessors in the Kagyu lineage, namely: Tilopa, Naropa, and Marpa The Translator.

Milarepa became living proof to the concept that anyone, no matter of how humble their upbringing, can attain spiritual enlightenment. Besides varied descriptions of Mahayana Buddhism and Shamanism, Milarepa's stroy offers glimpses in to the austere lifestyles and culture of long-ago Tibet.

About the Author
Even before Ken became a Buddhist 35 years ago, he had vivid visions of Buddhist icons in his meditations. In the 70s he resided at Ananda Retreat in Californa, and more recently studied with Iama Tarchin near Santa Cruz. Ken moved to reside in northern Thailand in 1998, and stays busy by rock climbing, writing books, and developing a farmstead there.

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