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Last Voyage Of Columbus, The
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Last Voyage Of Columbus, The

Martin Dugard
Narrated By : Simon Jones
Published By : Hachette Audio
6 hours
Categories : Adventurers & Explorers
Pre 1900
Download Price : $29.98 $20.99

The epic, never-before-told story of Columbus’s final, and perhaps greatest, journey to the New World. The final voyage of Christopher Columbus was by far his most dangerous, unexpected, exhilarating, and consequential. It was, as Pulitzer Prize-winner Samuel Eliot Morison put it, “a story of adventure which imagination could hardly invent; a struggle between man and the elements, in which the most splendid manifestations of devotion, loyalty and courage are mingled with the vilest human passions.

Shockingly, no book has been written about this fateful final journey until now. Martin Dugard finally brings to light this saga of shipwreck, mutiny, discovery, and political treachery—telling the story of how Columbus’s quest to find a passage to the Orient drove him onward in the face of peril. Here we meet Christopher Columbus, the determined, and sometimes desperate, elder adventurer—a far cry from the shrouded hero/villain of legend. The Last Voyage of Columbus offers up the long-lost last chapter in the life of a man whose story we only thought we knew.

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