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How Great Generals Win
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How Great Generals Win

Bevin Alexander
Narrated By : James Slattery
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
11 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Military
Download Price : $34.95 $23.95

"This study is essential reading for students of military strategy and tactics."
Publishers Weekly

Throughout history great generals have done what their enemies have least expected. Instead of direct, predictable attack, they have deceived, encircled, outflanked, out-thought, and triumphed over often superior armies commanded by conventional thinkers.

Collected here are the stories of the most successful commanders of all timeamong them Hannibal, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Stonewall Jackson, Sherman, Rommel, Mao Zedongwho have demonstrated, at their own points in history, the strategic and tactical genius essential for victory. Ironically this virtue does not come naturally to military organizations, since more often than not the straight-ahead, narrow-thinking soldier will be promoted over his more lateral-minded, devious counterpart. Yet when the latter gets control, the results may be spectacular.

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