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Faith of George W. Bush, The
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Faith of George W. Bush, The

Stephen Mansfield
Narrated By : J. Charles
Published By : Brilliance Audio Inc
5 hours 19 minutes
Categories : Royalty and Heads of State
Download Price : $24.95
The first audiobook to explore the religious ideals that drive the policies and politics of Bush as president and that have privately shaped Bush as a man. His life demonstrates the power of faith to create change, to build a family and political career, and to shape the destiny of a nation with his leadership.

This audiobook shows us how George W. Bush interjects his faith and belief in God into every detail of his life. From the President's devotional time alone each morning to his frequent incorporation of Scripture into his speeches, Bush relies upon his faith to direct his actions and goals.

From the tragedy of September 11th to the present-day conflict in Iraq, President Bush has learned to use his personal faith to help him live his life - both in office and in private. This audiobook will inspire others to do the same.

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