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Chain Gang, The
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Chain Gang, The

Richard McCord
Narrated By : Richard McCord
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
11 hours 30 minutes
Categories : Journalism
Download Price : $23.95

"McCord has done something marveloushe's taken a deeply disturbing nationwide trend
and put it on a small Midwestern stage with real characters. [This] message needs to be heard by as
many Americans as read newspapers...."--Vanity Fair

"They're closing in on me, Dick, and I'm afraid they're going to get me," said Frank Wood, publisher of the
Green Bay News-Chronicle, in a phone call to his friend and colleague Richard McCord. Drained of
cash and spirit, Wood could not hold out much longer against a devouring giant, the Gannett Company. As
editor and publisher of the weekly Santa Fe Reporter, McCord had successfully fended off Gannett's
"Operation Demolition" when it moved into town. Now Wood was seeking the help of a survivor.

This dramatic story of two men's efforts to save the small Green Bay daily from obliteration at the hands of
the nation's largest newspaper chain brings together startling case histories of the dubious tactics practiced
by Gannett and unsparing insights into the newspaper industry. Their success is a metaphor for one of the
oldest triumphs of the world: that of David over Goliath.

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