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Case for Hillary Clinton, The
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Case for Hillary Clinton, The

Susan Estrich
Narrated By : Susan Estrich
Published By : Harper Collins US
6 hours
Categories : Politics
Rich & Famous
21st Century
Download Price : $29.95 $19.95
With the Bush era now in its final years, all eyes are turning to the 2008 political season—especially those of Democratic voters, who are casting about for a galvanizing leader to help them win back the White House.

Longtime political analyst Susan Estrich argues that no candidate even approaches the power and promise of Hillary Rodham Clinton , the senator from New York. Both a passionate spokesperson for progressive values and a strong advocate for our troops overseas, Clinton has used her time in the Senate to establish herself successfully as a genuine political powerhouse. And she offers Americans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to break the world's most prominent glass ceiling and elect a female president of the United States.

In an atmosphere where conservative Hillary-bashing is still as virulent as ever, Estrich
demonstrates all the reasons that this principled leader still blows away any other potential
contender in the early polls for 2008. And, with arguments both stirring and sensible, she
reminds us that if Hillary should succeed, America and the world would be changed forever
and for the better.

Susan Estrich has been called one of the most influential public intellectuals of the century. The first woman ever to run a presidential campaign, she was also the first female president of the Harvard Law Review and the youngest woman to be tenured at Harvard Law School. The author of several books, including Real Rape , Getting Away with Murder , and the New York Times bestseller Sex and Power, she is the Robert Kingsley Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of Southern California Law School.

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