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Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal
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Arkansas Mischief: The Birth of a National Scandal

Jim McDougal and Curtis Wilkie
Narrated By : Lloyd James
Published By : Blackstone Audio Inc
13 hours
Categories : Politics
Download Price : $39.95 $26.95
"[A] lively and engrossing excursion through the Arkansas culture that spawned McDougal
and Bill Clinton."New Yorker

"[An] engaging and often witty memoir. a lasting testament to an elusive yet endearing man whose
revelations threatened to topple the president."Amazon.com

"[H]is book shows more than anything yet written about Whitewater that the human drama of this scandal
may outlast even its political effects."Wall Street Journal

As Bill Clinton's political and business mentor, Jim McDougalwith his
knowledge of embarrassing real-estate and banking deals, bribes, and obstructions of
justicelong haunted the White House. McDougal's vivid self-portrait, completed only
days before his death and coauthored by veteran journalist Curtis Wilkie, reveals the
hidden intersections of politics and special interests in Arkansas and the betrayals that

It is the story of how ambitious men and women climbed out of rural obscurity and "how
friendships break down and lives are ruined." Anecdotes fall like bright coins from a
raconteur's rich purse.

"Whitewater" is shown for what it was, a venture in land speculation that fell victim to
mismanagement and high interest rates. Lies and cover-ups were the inevitable result.

Vintage political history, Arkansas Mischief is a southern tragedy with lessons for
us all.

Lloyd James hails from the Midwest. He received a B.A. in theater from a small liberal-arts college in New Mexico. He acts in the theater when his schedule permits and spends much of his free time working in his garden. He lives in Virginia with his wife and son.

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