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Two Emma Toc, Writtle
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Two Emma Toc, Writtle

Author : Tim Wander & Dennis Rookard
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Published By : Hosiprog
Duration : 1 hour 3 minutes
Categories : Dramatizations
Price : $1.00
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In early February 1922, from a small ex-army hut in a field just outside the Essex village of Writtle near Chelmsford. A small team or pioneering wireless engineers working for the Marconi company established Britain's first regular radio broadcasting station. In it's short year long history, the station using the call sign of 2MT, or as it soon became known to its many fans - Two Emma Toch, became a broadcasting legend. For led by Captain P.P.Eckersley, its engineers became it's on-air staff who in that short year on air, developed and establsihed most of the ground rules for broadcasting as we know it today. It's small wonder that apart from one engineer who stayed with Marconi, The others all went on to join and help establish the early BBC, which came on the air, almost a year later.

By Tim Wander & Dennis Rookard

Cast List:
Peter Eckersley... John Glasscock
Noel Ashbridge... Steve Hales
Hatty Kirke... Tony Hine
Rolls T.B. Wynn... Keith Flack
Basil Maclarty... Andy Morton
Edward Trump... Maik Hogge
Elizabeth Beeson... Angela Neville
Narrator... David Schacat
Other parts played by Ben Williamson & Edmund Hine
Production, Direction and Audio Realisation by Dennis Rookard

The theme music is taken in part from the work, Fisher's Boarding House by Percy Grainger and performed by the BBC Philharmonic and available on Chandos CD CHAN 9493

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