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Tales from the Black Museum: The Hammer Head
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Tales from the Black Museum: The Hammer Head

Author : Kriswick Jenkinson
Narrator : Orson Welles
Published By : Heritage Media Ltd
Duration : 25 minutes
Categories : Audio Theater
Old Time Radio
Horror & Suspense
Price : $5.25
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Tales from the BLACK MUSEUM

Orson Welles introduces and stars in true crime stories from the Black Museum, Scotland Yard's infamous gallery of death.

First broadcast as radio programmes in the 1950s, these performances capture the marvellous theatrical style of

post-war radio before the advent of television and offer the experience of vintage radio at its best.

The Hammer Head:

Orson Welles tells the story of a grisly murder that lies behind an everyday object preserved in Scotland Yard's infamous gallery of homicide - the Black Museum.

Blood seeping from a Gladstone bag left in Charing Cross Station leads to the discovery of part of a female torso...

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