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Robin Hood BBC TV: The Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisbourne) Interview
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Robin Hood BBC TV: The Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisbourne) Interview

Author : Richard Armitage
Narrator : Richard Armitage
Published By : BBC Audiobooks Ltd
Duration : 19 minutes
Categories : Biographical
Price : Free
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Listen to Richard Armitage, who plays Guy of Gisbourne, talk about his character, and the highs, lows and adventures of filming Robin Hood in Hungary. This 13 part BBC1 series has had many great reviews and with a young, most unknown cast, appeals to all the family.

I'm really enjoying this series. It's a different take on the story than we have seen before, and because of that it feels fresh.
Ruth, Loughborough

It's great Saturday night family drama - with loads of action for the kids, character development and good stories for the adults.
Diane, Yorkshire

It's lively and upbeat, and a nice change of scene to the usual Saturday night viewing. All the actors are brilliant, and the cast couldn't have been better selected.
Pascalle, Newport

Richard is our 'guy'
S.Lee from Malaysia - 16 Nov 2006
love hearing Richard's yummy voice and his inputs on his character 'Guy of Gisbourne'.
richard is the best
H Marshall from Cambridge - 05 Jan 2007
He is such a great actor and has stole hearts with his sexy looks as guy of gisbourne he is truly the best charactor
Sir Guy.. your not as black as they think!
Mandy Johnson from Southampton - 09 Jan 2007
Richard is such a brilliant and versitile actor, his Portrayal of Sir Guy is both dark and sexy, he acts the part in such away as to make it all look so natural and easy. He certanly makes me feel Sir Guy has a soft side to him.
Richard Armitage interview
Gail Foster from Shropshire - 05 Feb 2007
It's great to hear Richard's "take" on the Robin Hood series. His insight into the characters brings another dimension to them that we won't necessarily see on screen. He's an extremely good storyteller and keeps the listener engrossed from start to finish. Well done Richard!
Guy is Good
Linda Fletcher from Stockport - 10 Feb 2007
I used to think Guy was a horrible person, I was brought up with Basil Rathbone taking the part but now I am torn between a sulky but sexy Robin and a dark but very Sexy Guy. Can't wait for the next series.
how to make "bad" good
Kathalina from California - 31 Mar 2007
Put an exceptional actor in the role of an evil character and I for one have a hard time rooting for the good guys. RA voice on this audio and his approach to the character of GoG makes this audio worth listening to (over and over again!).
Great Stuff
Marg from London - 13 Apr 2007
Richard Armitage is a very talented and versatile actor and has the perfect voice for reading the Robin Hood Audio Books - he really makes the stories come to life. I love the fact that there is slightly more detail in the discs than on TV. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the CDs but am disappointed that there has only been four so far. Let's hope that there'll be more before mine are worn through! I'd thoroughly recommend them to anyone especially if you have a long car journey to make.

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