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Fears For Ears
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Fears For Ears

Author : Various
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Published By : Positive Living Productions
Duration : 1 hour 19 minutes
Categories : Horror & Suspense
Short Stories
Horror & Suspense
Price : $9.95
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Fears For Ears takes the story telling brilliance of celebrated Horror Fiction writers to create an audio entertainment work that is engaging, enjoyable and frightfully delightful.

Fears For Ears explores a variety of horror genres with underlining themes of gore, murder and the paranormal. The final result is a broadcast quality audio collection of horror fiction stories reminiscent of popular old style radio dramas but created with today’s modern digital technology, music and sound effects. Fears For Ears goes far beyond the audio book format delivered by a single narrator. Over three hundred hours of recording and editing work have gone into this extensive technical production. Twenty actors magnificently portray the character voices and narrators, scores of sound effects are used to create depth and realism and music enhances the story and creates an eerie fright sensation. Fears For Ears is an award winning CD having won the prestigious Mark Time Ogle GOLD Award in 2002, Producer Aida Memisevic received the CJTR-FM Andy Kufluk Award for audio excellence as well as the City of Brampton Arts Acclaim Award.


Manifestations by David Nickle Time: 14:11
Imagine what it would be like if all your fears came to life before your eyes. Quinton Miller is a simple farmer who thought he had a simple life, until I one day the first "fear" appeared.

Underground by Tanya Huff Time: 9:43
Even as a kid he loved being under things - under the covers, under the porch, in the caverns of the caves. In the world up top he feels alone and disconnected but the cool, damp earth is comforting affid joyous... a feeling he discovers, he would do anything to keep.

The Witches' Tree by Shirley Meier Time: 16:48
Evil can unknowingly permeate into our being without us even realizing it. It can make us do things - awful, unspeakable things. As Andrew Hesnik discovers, no one is safe... not even those we love the most.

The Vampires Next Door by Peter Sellers Time: 20:57
Nathan lived in a pretty regular neighbourhood until the day his new neighbours arrived. Nathan soon discovers that being nosy can have dire consequences.

The Rug by Edo van Belkom Time: 17:16
Edna Dowell is a feisty old woman who's more than a little senile. With the rent money due and the cupboards bare, Edna discovers a new way to handle life's little problems... even if it involves just a tad of bludgeoning.

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for young children

Excellent Stories
Stephen from Tampa - 11 Feb 2005
I love this! Most energetic story recording I've heard since Deadfence's "Vampyric"! A perfect marriage of read dialogue and audio drama. A must for every horror fan on the go!
Great Stories
Jack Dunn from Morvin - 01 Jul 2006
I really enjoy the concept behind Audio books and I am glad I found this place. May just be the next big thing aside from blockbuster movies if not better.

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