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Author : Sable Jak
Narrator : Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
Published By : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Duration : 25 minutes
Categories : Dramatizations
Price : $1.50
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                                        "When a woman's husband is killed, you're susposed to do something about it."

Phil (short for Philomena) Byrnes and her husband ran their Gloucester MA detective agency until he was killed at his desk. It's not a case of her stepping into his spot to keep the family business running  -- she was a working detective long before his death -- and she makes for a refreshingly prickly widow.

Now Phil runs the agency with the help of her assistant Buzzy, with occasional forays to Papa's Bar, for a little liquid refreshment now and then, and some occasional paternal advice from Papa. She's also helped out in her investigation by Detective Jim Colman, a member of Gloucester's finest, who has a soft spot for Phil, though she seems largely unaware of it. Evidently she's still trying to come to terms with her husband's murder.

Episode 5: BRACELET OF BETRAYAL.  The ruby bracelet begins to cause more problems as several people claim ownership.

THE COLONIAL RADIO THEATRE presents A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Starring DIANE CAPEN. JAMES TURNER. J.T. TURNER and the Colonial Radio Players. Written by Sable Jak. Produced by Chris Snyder and Matt McLaren. Music By Jeffrey Gage. Directed by Jerry Robbins. (c)2006 by Sable Jak (P) 2006 by CRT

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