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3 Skeleton Key
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3 Skeleton Key

Author : George Toudouze/James Poe
Narrator : Full Cast Production
Published By : One Act Audio Theatre
Duration : 30 minutes
Categories : Dramatizations
Horror & Suspense
Horror & Suspense
Horror & Suspense
Price : $1.98
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"Picture this Place" ...

With those words, one of broadcast's scariest tales began, and for thirty minutes, listeners in radio's "golden age" sat transfixed and horrified -- an experience audio theatre audiences of today can share with the past. Ahhhh but modern recording technology now allows for even greater horror ...

The One Act Players present a new THREE SKELETON KEY - full digital stereo recording, with newly created sound effects, and an original score composed and performed by John Clark Stiefel. Directed by Glenn Carlson and featuring the stalwart Scot Crisp and John Parsons,

Based on the short story by George Toudouze, our story tells the tale of three lighthouse keepers stationed off the coast of French Guyana in the 1930s. Their quiet if not monotonous life tending a lonely lighthouse is shattered one night by the arrival of a multitude of ravenous, flesh-eating ... RATS.
Creepy Tale will Stay with you long after the sun rises again ...
Icabod (father of Denny) Crane from The Black Coast of Noiree - 26 Oct 2004
After dark, go get yourself to an abandoned building on the edge of town where small and perhaps larger creatures scuttle by unseen as you listen to your player by sputtering candlelight. It's that kind of tale. Not one that makes you scream, or eject your dinner - just one that gets under your skin, inside your brain and creeps the bejeezus out of you. It'll be on your mind in the warm sunlight of morning as you eat your breakfast and dropping the spoon you'll sigh a ridiculous sigh of relief when the scrabbling at your patio door turns out to be your cat instead of ...

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